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   <li>the spirit was once obstacles to Lee</li>
   <li>the spirit was once obstacles to Lee</li>
== said to go to Dalian ==
(Reporter Zhou Xin correspondent cold Tielin relationship with friends) married woman Zhang Xue (a pseudonym) affair, after unbearable texting each other continued harassment by train to Beijing corrosive liquid poured to the users face. Recently, Xicheng District Procuratorate on suspicion of intentional assault Zhang Xue arrest. September 3, 2011,ヴィトン 財布, 27-year-old woman, Zhang Xue go phone to give users the Song and Ming (a pseudonym) to play, said to go to Dalian, passing interchange, hope to see the side in the West Railway Station,peuterey outlet, the Song and Ming followed, such as about to. After the two meet,moncler, Zhang Xue in the Song and Ming unsuspecting under the unknown liquid splashed to the other, and then Zhang Xue fled, while the Song and Ming alone for medical treatment because of facial burns,woolrich. September 23, police in Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, Zhang Xue captured,グッチ. The suspect Zhang Xue after appearing in court testimony,doudoune moncler, two years ago, the two met online,ナイキ シューズ, sexual relations occurred after the meet. After you leave, the Song and Ming total texting harassment of their lives, not listen to a lot of persuasion,モンクレール. Zhang Xue particularly offensive, and he wanted to punish each other. The forensic identification,デュベティカ, Zhang Xue spill liquid detected the sulfuric acid in the behavior of Zhang Xue Song and Ming left eye and facial burns,グッチ 財布, injuries not less than minor injuries. Currently, Zhang Xue suspicion of intentional assault Xicheng District Procuratorate be approving arrests.</p><p>
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"the brother of the sisters

on-demand to see the movie" is a major feature of the of Amy 1895 movie Street. Last night, the activities,abercrombie uk, "the brother of the sisters,lancel, you have worked hard,air jordan!" As the theme,hollister, Nanjing Traffic Radio renowned presenters Cong Xue child were also at the scene,abercrombie, and brother of the sisters have met gifts to the friends of the driver,air jordan pas cher, on-site crowded, brother sister smile,abercrombie. Brother of the sisters of the night to more than 800 drivers,moncler, when it comes to watching movies,abercrombie france, usually the most busy brother sister layman theater to help them pick a wonderful and extremely Taxi Express 4 "super visual feast, had the extra fun,hollister. Yangtze Evening News reporter Ma </p>

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The K582 times of passenger cars for the relief of abdominal

's Hospital of Zhuzhou City to notify the Passenger staff well collusion ready,abercrombie uk. 15:59 K582 times buses five minutes earlier than originally planned to enter the Zhuzhou station platform 3,lancel. Station Passenger and medical staff immediately took over the pregnant woman from the train and rushed to a nearby hospital,michael kors outlet.

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Express News

Express News (Reporter Zhu Junjun) In the early morning of May 21, the Nanjing Bridge Road viaduct accident occurred, a Nanjing organ No. segment car Anti-lane and collided with a private car,hollister. Handling the accident, the traffic police investigation found that the bus driver was arrested for drunken driving, while the perpetrators of Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of external drivers. At 1:30 on May 21 about near Bridge Road Viaduct Carrefour, a car accident, a license plate for the Su A09064 car anti-lane,michael kors outlet, normal driving and a car collided,abercrombie canada, causing the other driver injured. Traffic police six police brigade rushed to the scene and found the name of the bus driver covered with the alcohol immediately to detect use of alcohol tester display 153.9mg/100ml, already belongs to drunken driving,louboutin pas cher. Subsequently, the police quickly brought to the hospital to take blood sent to the Traffic Management Bureau of Inspection and Testing Center,air jordan. According to traffic police investigation,abercrombie, the perpetrators surnamed Zhao, 29 years old, claiming to external driver, to drive a vehicle belonging to the advanced technical schools in Nanjing Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. According to Zhao explained,doudoune moncler, in the evening of May 20,louboutin, he drove the car of the unit to Eura act, drank wine,lancel pas cher, and then drove home, the results out of trouble on the road,moncler. The driver bumped hospital initial diagnosis, are soft tissue injuries. Details of the accident is under investigation.

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the first rescue deal

's staff,peuterey outlet, sent Huangyuan Central Hospital, after doctors diagnosed as a a serious frostbite bad ZU, must hurry amputation or life-threatening, their family members and relevant departments must be contacted as soon as possible,ヴィトン. Microblogging spread quickly online, be forwarded 30,000 times, Zhao Wei, Shu Qi, Mavis Fan Star Forward seeking proliferation thousand netizens commented: hastened to help him look for his family, it is not the hospital first save people. The tramp was rushed to hospital has been Zuo Yi said, "Thank you,アグ," Yesterday morning, the reporter contacted Zhumadian Zhengyang County the skin Dianxiang police station, Alarm, police said, the police station has been in contact his family. According to the survey, Feng is the whole spirit of the problem, and perennial wandering, police said. Yesterday afternoon, friends @ Martin Lee is still the hospital accompanied Feng is full. He is a volunteer in Qinghai, Feng is found in all local several elderly. He was very cold days, several elderly found him lying on the roadside cave, motionless, thought he had already died. However,グッチ 財布, the examination revealed he still breathing, but the injury was serious,デュベティカ ダウン, almost in the street to die. The number of old people then find they volunteer to help. Volunteers Feng is full to the hospital, the taste of him, the whole hallway smell, several volunteers and Huangyuan Chinese medicine hospital nurses to wash their hands to wash his face, cut my hair. Feng is full look normal, what to say no problem, he said,moncler. Noon to eat a nurse sent two bowls of egg noodles, Zuo Yi has been to say "thank you" to them. The family said that this thing supposed to have to discuss the volunteers are busy at the same time, Huangyuan County Civil Affairs Bureau has staff went to the hospital the contact side Zhengyang County Civil Affairs Bureau, while the hospital before rescue. Yesterday afternoon, Zhengyang County the skin Dianxiang police station through the East on the five village party secretary, linked to Feng is full sister von is the United States. Is the United States, according to Feng said, their siblings, Feng positive all the boss, mental illness,peuterey, often wandering more than a year ago to run away from home again, the family asked a number of migrant workers who help find out, did not find his whereabouts. Whether to go to the hospital to see the care, Feng said, is the United States are not ready yet. 18 am yesterday, Feng is the United States said, have not contacted the husband and son are supposed to have to discuss,グッチ. Get this message, "@ Martin Lee said, perhaps his long years of absence, not deep feelings and family, perhaps the family had no money. In any case, the first rescue deal, the local hospital could not do this surgery, may be transferred as soon as possible to Xining,バーバリー 財布. Surgery hoping to give him,ヴィトン 財布, sending him home.

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's hearing after Zhan woman and her boyfriend

's hearing after Zhan woman and her boyfriend,woolrich outlet, with a door to buy poison yellow surnamed,グッチ, to prosecute those responsible for violations of the Narcotics Endangerment Prevention Act ",デュベティカ ダウン.

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deprived of political rights for one year.

's family and friends, neighbors and security,moncler, unarmed robbers gun grabbed and control. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Hongshan District Court, the man found guilty of robbery and was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Shopkeepers have been robbed at gunpoint in front of this year, March 18,デュベティカ, at 3 pm, the Qianjiang Han Pengmou and Liu (at large) Meet tiger spring meeting. Former two to stroll to chenjiawan a restaurant and saw the shopkeeper Zhang is in front of their shops chatting with friends Tianmou, Zhang's neck hung a gold necklace, the gun Pengmou and carrying daggers Ryu will since a arise to harm. Made up his mind,ヴィトン, Pengmou and Ryu slowly close to Zhang while Zhang and Tianmou, did not realize the danger,バーバリー 財布. Pengmou calmly walked Zhang behind patted him on the shoulder,グッチ, then pulled out a pistol from behind withstood Zhang, and held hostage to the next alley. In beginning, Tianmou also thought and Peng Bao familiar with Zhang, he has not recovered, Ryu rushed to with a dagger Bizhu it,peuterey. Tianmou understood that they robbed. Everyone unarmed subdue criminals Zhang was hijacked to the alley, Tianmou scuffle with the knife-wielding Ryu. Neighbors Pingmou After seeing this, they came to help. Tianmou subsequently implied Pingmou,モンクレール, Zhang was taken to the alley into,woolrich outlet. Pingmou knowing rushed to the alley, to see Pengmou gunmen robbed gold necklace Zhang neck. Pingmou shouting "robbery", Zhang's father and in the neighborhood security patrol team rushed to the scene quickly. At this time, Tianmou knife-wielding thugs sent dislodge, also came to support Zhang. Zhang's relatives and friends, neighbors and security force "rounding up", Pengmou throw,バーバリー, they held a pistol grabbed. Subsequently, the police heard the news rushed Pengmou control Ryu then took the opportunity to escape. Pengmou was arrested after robbery Zhang gold necklace spot was recovered by the police. After identified, the gold necklace worth 1.7 million yuan. The recidivist trial was sentenced to 14 years,moncler outlet, 26-year-old Pengmou, and in January 2001 for robbery and two and a half years in a labor camp. In August 2003, found guilty of robbery and sentenced to five years in prison and a half. The trial, Pengmou in court to plead guilty. The court held that the conduct constitutes Pengmou robbery and released from prison after five years, again intentional crime, a recidivist should be punished severely according to law. The Hongshan District 法院对该案 first instance verdict, Peng Bao was sentenced to 14 years and fined 5,000 yuan, deprived of political rights for one year.

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a hospital then sued for compensation for medical expenses

's mother, Ms. Wang since May 24 last year,louboutin, many times to the Yanqing County Hospital fertility check before July 5 last year, the results of ultrasound fetal kidneys showed unclear, July 19 review for kidneys visible, the expected date of November 14. However, on October 21 last year, Ms. Wang again check before labor, the result shows the right kidney is unclear. Can not be due to the expected date of birth has to induction of labor,hollister, Ms. Wang helpless birth to a child, postpartum baby reexamination, the results for the right kidney missing,lancel. Ms. Wang, a hospital then sued for compensation for medical expenses, inspection fees, and the baby late treatment costs, mental damages totaling 36.8 million yuan. Yanqing County Hospital argues, Zhang for congenital right kidney missing, the hospital was not detected there is no fault. Litigation,mulberry outlet uk, identified by the identification of organs: Hospital prenatal check failed to fulfill its obligations should be noted, there are certain medical mistakes in the treatment process, the existence of a causal relationship with the children born, the participation coefficient values ​​contemplated 1% - 20% is appropriate. Congenital kidney absence of infant disease,hollister, caused by a variety of reasons,abercrombie france. Congenital single kidney, also known as solitary kidney, undeveloped side of the embryonic kidney tissue and ureter germ induced contralateral to a solitary kidney is not uncommon case dysplasia,hollister. Single kidney can also complete physiological needs, growth and development will not be affected. The court held that, Yanqing County Hospital on the Ms,アグ. Wang prenatal process, for failing to inform the right kidney missing screening, resulting in the birth with congenital right kidney missing,lancel pas cher, identified certain medical fault, the fault of Ms. Wang couples lost to choose whether people with congenital right kidney missing the chance of birth, caused them mental damage,moncler, emotional damages, specific amounts by the court in accordance with the degree of fault of the hospital's discretion 3 million.

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followed by play punch Chen Xiaofeng

Newspaper Xianyang (Reporter YU Zhong Hu Xue Hailong) the Changwu CPPCC member Guo Hongjie, drunken driving accident insincere to accept the punishment,バーバリー 財布, instead blows of the traffic police,グッチ, traffic police and wounded. Changwu County Public Security Bureau learned yesterday,バーバリー, Guo Hongjie Detention by the police to the crime of dangerous driving. According to the long-armed police CLC,デュベティカ, at 22:19 on May 20th Xu,グッチ 財布, County 110 Command Center received a report, said the county Lighthouse Garden bashed a red car, the driver may be driving under the influence. Traffic police Chen Xiaofeng, Zhao Xinhui rushed the scene View approaching a taxi car down a drunken man wearing a white T-shirt, claiming the CPPCC members this drunk the blaspheming, abusive traffic police, followed by play punch Chen Xiaofeng, causing the neck, face,peuterey outlet, chest multiple soft tissue injuries. After subsequent investigation,woolrich outlet, the Department of the perpetrators the county CPPCC member Guo Hongjie. Shortly after the incident, Guo Hongjie nephew warlike details entourage arrived on the scene, first beat Chen Xiaofeng, Zhao Xinhui forensics and then snatch the camera,moncler outlet, the scene was chaotic, the patrol arrived and used tear gas after the situation control. The Changwu police night of Guo Hongjie blood alcohol test, the results show that for drunken driving,ヴィトン. Upon investigation, the incident that day drunk driving accident is Guo Hongjie, with others in the county, a restaurant meal when you drink the wine, followed by driving private cars along West Street when traveling from west to east to the lighthouse dial directly into the winding mountain path garden center. The incident the next day, Guo Hongjie due to the dangerous driving XingJu,moncler, to nephew warlike details also due to obstructing acts XingJu.

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the driver surnamed Pu

's Hospital for treatment. "We received hospital telephone rushed over and found that my grandfather has to die,moncler." Grandson Xiao Huang is very uncomfortable,バーバリー 財布. He said,ヴィトン, my grandfather lived in Xiawan Lane area, likes to West Lake morning exercise, estimated today is also the home after morning exercise,moncler outlet. Although Cui Dabo 80 years old, but the body has been very tough. The provincial organs Games "also participate in pre-retirement, and I used to get on the first second,peuterey outlet, so the body has been great in the track and field events." Huang said, the family has been worried about my grandfather's body,バーバリー, also hoping he can live to be one hundred years old,デュベティカ ダウン. According to the reporter, the driver surnamed Pu,woolrich outlet, less than a 30-year-old Hangzhou. As for the traffic accident happen, the driver of the vehicle is a hit and run,グッチ 財布, and these are subject to further investigation of the traffic police department,ナイキ シューズ. (Provide clues to thank Mr. Jiang) reporter Xu Jianguo newspaper correspondent Xin Ge

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the sky floating the slightest rain

's son, daughter-in-law and other relatives made a special trip to the east of the city primary school, to express my sincere thanks to the savior Gong Jinchuan, also sent a silk banner proclaiming, "wrecker danger to save heroic" 8 characters. Gongxiao Zhang said, in fact, everyone in this often rush to go, I only went for what should be done. Speaking of things have to start from the three days before that memorable morning. October 30th 6 pm, the sky floating the slightest rain, cold and very hot, Gong Jinchuan, as usual, came to the the the city benefits NCCU bridge tai chi,hollister. About posture and laid them out, and suddenly heard a "splash", Gong Jinchuan looked up looked, I saw sixty-seven ten meters outside the county Jiang was floating in struggling, he immediately rushed forward, drowning is The old lady, wearing a dark-colored cotton jacket, gray hair, face down in the water, the body slowly sinking. Gong Jinchuan said, my mind was the hum of a ring, only to emerge a few words "hastened to rescue. Gong Jinchuan ran shoes kicked off, across the riverside railings into the river. The river is deep and cold, Gong Jinchuan 1.65 m height did not touch the river bottom, and plus run too fast out of breath, a few mouthfuls of river ruthless choking. Gong Jinchuan and quickly adjust posture, simmering fresh,hollister, and swam to the front. The edge of the old lady, and her body was turned over to feel the old man still breathing, Gong Jinchuan said, I was relieved, secretly glad. So I used the right arm to hold up her head, so she no longer choke with water,mulberry outlet, and then left-handed stroke, slowly came to the riverside. Riverbank and the water was 90 degrees, the river water is also deep, Gong Jinchuan own stand, is anxious to see how old lady ashore shore has gathered a lot of people, was also recruited a rope Gong Jinchuan tied up the old lady. Gong Jinchuan said, I only have one hand tied live rope,abercrombie france. Ashore on re playing a slipknot hitch Gong Jinchuan body, he hold up the old lady with the sound left hand, and everyone with the force, and finally, the old lady pulled ashore. While Gong Jinchuan swim some distance to find a relatively gentle slope potential, but also on the shore. At this time, the police and so rushed, Gong Jinchuan see elderly people has been without incident, this felt himself frozen could not bear, and quickly ran home to change clothes. Gong Jinchuan said: "came home, my wife, see my whole body wet,moncler, ask me how, I say be careful out into the river." Afterwards, I still feel a bit scared. "Gongjin Chuan told reporters, after all, I am only a hand, if the old lady did not match, and hugged my left hand, that the two of us to be drowned. The old woman was sent to the hospital, no serious problem was back home. Her family said the elderly with dementia, she do not understand is how to fall into the water. Gong Jinchuan quietly left the scene, but he only had one arm features too obvious. Families and shop around to find nearby masses, and finally confirmed by the education department,アグ, rescue hero is the the Fenghua the Chengdong primary one-armed principals Gong Jinchuan,mulberry outlet uk. The 59-year-old Gong Jinchuan,lancel, 14 years old accidentally electric shock amputated his right hand. "I never themselves as people with disabilities," said Gong Jinchuan, he learned to wash with the left hand, dressing, eating,louboutin pas cher, writing, cycling, exercise the left hand was as flexible as the right hand. Gong Jinchuan Sometimes children curious about my hand,louboutin, want to turn my sleeves, I openly to them to see. I tell my students, crippled in body than nothing, but not our hearts are incomplete. (Original title: Ningbo, one-armed principals Yongjiu drowning Granny)

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but I called the insurance company

'clock in the morning of March 7, A character in his sleep urine arousal of. Went to the toilet, dizzy suddenly hit, A breaks down in the rental house,ヴィトン 財布. After about an hour, gradually regained consciousness, he called the phone with workers in Zhongshan cousin Huangyan Guo. 7 pm, hastily rushed to the scene of his cousin sent him Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City People's Hospital. Hospital for examination results: cerebral aneurysm disease caused by cerebral hemorrhage. Preliminary estimates,moncler, to cure this injury, at least 100,000 dollars,バーバリー. Two cousin anxious face of medical expenses. For two migrant workers, which is the cost of a lot of money. A character reminds boss Mr. Xu --- I followed his work for more than a decade,グッチ, the ability to lend money to first for help With disturbed mood, Ah Fu cousin called Mr. Xu telephone. "He a critical condition, immediately agreed. Inflammation States told reporters off the phone in less than half an hour, Mr. Xu called other employees of the company was still in Guangzhou travel money to send over. "It was not immediately carry out an operation the hospitals require A character's parents or wife must sign on the spot, the doctor before surgery. Inflammation of the country called the Hubei home phone. That night, the cousins ​​A tai appear at the bedside, and boss Mr. Xu came back from Guangzhou. Initiative recommended referral Just A tai prepare signature, hospital-husband surgery pays for everything, Mr. Xu blocked. In Mr. Xu seems more secure since brain surgery,woolrich, go to the provincial hospital. The boss's proposal, however, triggered a A symbol of the concerns about the --- Provincial big hospital charges will certainly be more expensive. For me to buy two insurance the (unexpected medical malpractice insurance and industrial injury insurance) but I called the insurance company, the person said after the confirmation of the program according to report the retake medical invoices in other words, To own Dianqian the finished surgery only likely to get insurance. "Ah Fu told reporters. Mr. Xu saw his concerns. "Even if not quoted insurance, do not have to worry about things medical expenses, I will be all wrapped up." The boss A symbol relieved. Xiaolan People's Hospital of stable disease, Mr. Xu invited Guangzhou Nanfang Hospital ambulance. On the afternoon of the 10th, A symbol accompanied by boss admitted to the the Southern hospital inpatient,デュベティカ ダウン. The morning of the 15th, the the surgery successful completion of the A symbols in hospital under observation. 28, discharged to convalesce at home. Yesterday after referral, Mr. Xu A symbol first go home to see their parents, "Let the two elderly rest assured, you come back to it,バーバリー 財布. "They sacrifice their lives for me, can not let him get killed" A symbol of the disease is not a work-related injury, Mr. Xu why the chip to the rescue Mr. Xu said casually: "His sacrifice their lives for me, I can not let him get killed." We have known each other for a long time I was in a leather sourcing company work, he is working in the tanneries,ナイキ シューズ. "Mr. Xu told reporters, 1998 years, his venture into the sea. "I took him from the factory lira out to help when he is actually a good treatment factory, and I'm just getting started, given the wages of course, can not compare with those big factories did not expect he promised. Mr. Xu described the arduous business, They pull down the nerve to ask for help everywhere, looking for business. "It was almost want to give that class customers uncle knelt down, he went with requirements,グッチ 財布., When in 2000, the company is doing good business, delayed two monthly wages, he did not go,doudoune moncler." A character talk to the boss man, "business is booming no brethren dropped, very loyal! Our work with the boss, you will not be thinking about to quit."

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Money to more charities do good

's plight after Nanjing media reports, there have been citizens of Nanjing to visit Xiaoxian. "My name is Haiqing, I will always help you busy, we must take the child's disease to cure any case, the big sister you have to be strong." Visitors took Mama Yang Liu Koon hand and said, she returned to the small Xian brought 50,000 yuan love money. These women go, the official Liu Mei-Cai remembered seen her in the TV series "dwelling". Haiqing hair microblogging Xiaoxian night called for relief, not just Haiqing, at the moment, a lot of people in Nanjing, and the hearts of many users are worried about this foreign land seeking treatment Qujing baby girl. Foreign land seeking treatment suffers Lau Koon and husband Yang Guoqiang Malong County of Qujing City, family farming, have two daughters, the eldest daughter, who just turned 14 years old, quiet personality, the youngest daughter Yang Qixian fourth grade, 9-year-old entered primary school this year, a good move lively outstanding results, despite an annual income of less than a million poor living, but the four House has been a bit happier. Two months ago, Xiaoxian was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This bad news at once to Yang who hit Mongolia, "the doctor said is likely to both life and wealth loss, to persuade us to give up treatment, but we do Diema it hybrid bear to ah." Several times to inquire and learned that large hospitals in the treatment of leukemia a lot of experience, the couple immediately scrape together tens of thousands of dollars with family and friends, with her daughter the night Take a train to Nanjing seeking treatment. Hospitalized for two months and spent more than 70,000 yuan, the Xiaoxian condition barely under control, Yang who is also money for the journey a few do. "We really penny should break apart and spend." In order to save money, Liu official United States with her daughter crammed sleeping beds, Yang Guoqiang, sleeping in the hallway of the hospital every day. They get up early every day to go to the farms to buy the cheapest food, and then eat their own cooking in the hospital a cleaner home. The doctor told them that, in order to cure the Xiaoxian the disease, the most effective method is to do stem cell transplantation. Unfortunately, sister and Xiaoxian matching is unsuccessful, and therefore can only contact the China Bone Marrow Bank to find a suitable donor, transplant fee at least 300,000 yuan - which has become the biggest challenge in front of Yang who. Leaky house roof on a rainy night in June of this year, Malong County of Qujing City flooded attacks, Mr Yeung Ka-houses were severely damaged, all 4 acres of land were flooded, food crop failure. Yang who is simply unable to so much money. Lau Koon "you Xiao nobody knows proper mood of the mother I am willing to change my girl's life with everything!" If you raise enough money, we can only give up treatment, desperation phone choked several times,doudoune moncler, broke down in tears . Nanjing good person contention the Helping Hand looked screenwriters Yang who, Nanjing Zhongda Hospital initiative to lend a helping hand,バーバリー, and will inform the media,グッチ. Since November 19, the Modern Express, Jinling Evening News, the Nanjing Morning Post, the Yangzi Evening News, Nanjing, local media have reported difficulties Yeung Ka, appeal to the community lend a helping hand, to help this family to ride out the storm that swept Nanjing loving assistance begins: send winter clothes sent to fruits and vegetables, send encouraged donations, ...... nurses doctors generosity, body in Nanjing, Yunnan fellow friends come octogenarian road inconvenience still personally came to the hospital to visit business owners with employees with donations, visit Xiaoxian the public flocked to the little girl mood therefore or a. The same Nanjing Haiqingting just in time to return home to promote her new film, the newspaper learned Xiaoxian story, they take advantage of promotional activities clearance rushed to the hospital to visit the sick, visit Haiqing a group go to the official salons Liu SMS: "Ms Lau Hello, I heard that the child thing, I am very distressed and very worried, and want to go to the hospital to visit today, with the wishes and blessings past, not the amount of 50,000 yuan want some help,ヴィトン, I ask you and your child in hospitals to facilitate our past "The kids love to eat what you need something we prepare in advance." in the hospital, Haiqing spot donated 50,000 yuan love money, asked Mr Yeung Ka difficulties and encourage Xiaoxian to be strong, do not worry about the money thing, and promised that they will want more ways to continue to help Mr Yeung Ka, so that children can receive better treatment. Who Haiqingting Liu official United States only feel familiar, et al gone, she was to think of it, this is not that the the red TV series "dwelling" inside Haiping " The microblogging to force convergence loving sea Qing did not go back. That evening she bursts number in the microblogging software, called on netizens to lend a helping hand,ナイキ シューズ. "Yang Qixian very sensible, injections and then pain do not say anything, I saw her when she was in the stack Lucky to see her mother in front of the hospital I started to cry, I walked only know that I saw a reported reader. their home has been destroyed by a flood, and even pieces of winter clothes, just concluded two chemotherapy,モンクレール, if we raise enough money only to give up treatment, kind-hearted people to give this little girl to help, thank you very much, very, very! "more than a thousand people been receiving phone consultation call by the desire to donors, such as flood influx of blessing to encourage SMS Yeung Ka deeply moved forwarding Haiqing microblogging Modern Express of Nanjing Media Hotline,バーバリー 財布. A sum of contributions, merged into the warmth of love. According the reporters time ago to incomplete statistics, the total donations more than 100,000 yuan,デュベティカ. Good-hearted people care so Yeung Ka confidence in the future,moncler outlet, Liu official United States repeatedly talking about this sentence: "Thank you, thank you, Nanjing good man, and we are grateful and will never forget." The reporter & T,グッチ 財布. the netizens relay bell secret heart: heart broken turn! Qing and Xie Xiehai! Thank you, all help to give this little girl Friends of the neck! Juray: bless them, and also to thank you for your kindness. Xr Haiqingting: give me the hospital address, day after tomorrow I will fly. Flying dog buddy: Despite the cold weather, but I hope you can feel the warmth of the earth, a cute little girl. Viewing on water: Do not give up, to see this little girl or flowers age, must be strong, ah, always be a way more than difficult. Innocent Cotton: students, straining to make money now! Money to more charities do good! ! ! Donation initiative if you intend to take over the the Zhezhi love baton, to help the families in difficulty, please call our hotline 4100000 or direct contact Yang Qixian mother Liu officer of the United States, telephone -. Yeung Ka accept donations account: Agricultural Bank of China Liu Koon 6228481930753510319

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is a sales Banya vendors. The time of the incident

's Hospital emergency center all. Taihe County People's Hospital emergency department,デュベティカ, the doctor for the woman detailed examination and found no trauma and critical illness. Hospital Security Section staff also get in touch with the relevant departments to immediately replaced for the elderly and quickly dry clothes, and give it to buy food and water, so that in the hospital for further observation,バーバリー. According to the staff of the hospital Publicity Bureau,doudoune moncler, afterwards,ヴィトン 財布, the medical staff repeatedly with the elderly of communication, but the old man has not speak,woolrich outlet, sanity is not clear, and therefore can not get her origins. "The result of feedback from her dress and others to determine, a homeless people.",moncler outlet, Taihe County People's Hospital for the elderly, the proper placement of all the necessary funds advanced by the hospital,woolrich. On the street, looking for the three parties reporters visited informed that the first found stray elderly man named Li was cloud,ヴィトン, is a sales Banya vendors. The time of the incident, he took just pan the Banya go old Taihe County, near the Real Estate Board of sales; kiosk out of the old man called 'Pursuit, and the other a lesbian reporter did not know their names,peuterey outlet, people nearby said ,デュベティカ ダウン, this person is doing the clothing business, but the specific circumstances they do not know. "Things should be, so what's it say " The face of reporters, waved their hands the Lee HANLIX and sequences of the elderly, declined an interview.

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000 yuan

'an police announced the case. 2 o'clock on the afternoon of February 19, when the mountain after the Fuzhou meters Zhanglin grain depots,moncler outlet, a man found a body was covered in weeds,peuterey outlet. Jinan Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately intervene, confirmed that the deceased called Chen,モンクレール, a 45-year-old Sichuan man department head was blunt hit killed, had died more than a month. Police investigations revealed that after the incident, with workers living in the same house with Chen Liu, whereabouts unknown, a major crime suspects. Subsequently, the police rushed to Liu's home in Taizhou, Zhejiang, Jinan and in coordination with local police on February 20 Liu captured. Upon review, the original Liu and Chen Department of Taizhou, Zhejiang, an engineering company employees stationed within in Zhanglin village granary with five other workers engaged in renovation work. Spring Festival approaching, the other five workers after another home, quarters remaining Liu, Chen is responsible for the project off the work. Chen and Liu go out in the evening of January 6, passengers a motorbike back to the dorm, the fare of 30 yuan. To the dormitory,moncler, Liu asked Chen to share half of the fare,アグ, and Chen claimed that the body is just a hundred dollars face value in cash,デュベティカ ダウン, there is no change, refuse to pay,peuterey. Later, Liu grew more and more gas, they think of themselves only a few dozen dollars, Chen, who is 1000 yuan. In the early hours of January 8, Liu prepared in advance the hammer sleeping Chen hit to death,バーバリー, stole 1,000 yuan,woolrich outlet, Chen's body back to the dormitory after the mountain hid up. To avoid discovery, Ryu bloodstains on the dormitory wall stucco,ヴィトン 財布, and then fled to the home.

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the bus ride loss of more than 40

'clock on the evening of May 20, 2011, the driver of the third car branch, the Hangzhou Public Transport Group Bus Young Sister driving K3 Road bus, by the mark for the terminal station to the City Railway Station. Run on the way,ヴィトン, Young Sister and female passenger Zhang depending on whether credit card arose via Zhaohui six female passenger suddenly pulled Young Sister who is driving the bus, causing the bus lost control and hit a roadside Zhaohui fire squadron door, causing the car on a total of 14 drivers and passengers were injured, buildings damaged, public transport vehicle was seriously damaged in the accident,グッチ. Yesterday,woolrich, the female passenger Zhang arrested for the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means, under the city's Procuratorate approved the arrest,デュベティカ ダウン. It is understood,ナイキ シューズ, Zhang, 49 years old, Hangzhou is a business accounting, after the well-being of forensic identification Zhang was not mentally ill,peuterey, the ability to have full responsibility. Zhang said that with the police, she really stepped forward to pull the driver's clothes, small efforts, but the intensity is very small only continuous 2,3 seconds,デュベティカ, but her actions or cause a series of losses. The accident,ヴィトン 財布, the bus ride loss of more than 40,000 yuan, fire squadron loss value of more than 60,000 yuan,moncler outlet, a total property loss of $ 10 million or above, according to criminal law caused serious injury or death in a dangerous way, or the property of the company suffered a major loss at more than 10 years imprisonment, life imprisonment or death. In accordance with the standard of Zhejiang, more than 50,000 yuan for major losses female passenger Zhang yesterday on suspicion of the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means under the city's Procuratorate arrest, prosecutor said losses due to company property,モンクレール, she may be sentenced more than 10 years in prison.

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said to go to Dalian

(Reporter Zhou Xin correspondent cold Tielin relationship with friends) married woman Zhang Xue (a pseudonym) affair, after unbearable texting each other continued harassment by train to Beijing corrosive liquid poured to the users face. Recently, Xicheng District Procuratorate on suspicion of intentional assault Zhang Xue arrest. September 3, 2011,ヴィトン 財布, 27-year-old woman, Zhang Xue go phone to give users the Song and Ming (a pseudonym) to play, said to go to Dalian, passing interchange, hope to see the side in the West Railway Station,peuterey outlet, the Song and Ming followed, such as about to. After the two meet,moncler, Zhang Xue in the Song and Ming unsuspecting under the unknown liquid splashed to the other, and then Zhang Xue fled, while the Song and Ming alone for medical treatment because of facial burns,woolrich. September 23, police in Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, Zhang Xue captured,グッチ. The suspect Zhang Xue after appearing in court testimony,doudoune moncler, two years ago, the two met online,ナイキ シューズ, sexual relations occurred after the meet. After you leave, the Song and Ming total texting harassment of their lives, not listen to a lot of persuasion,モンクレール. Zhang Xue particularly offensive, and he wanted to punish each other. The forensic identification,デュベティカ, Zhang Xue spill liquid detected the sulfuric acid in the behavior of Zhang Xue Song and Ming left eye and facial burns,グッチ 財布, injuries not less than minor injuries. Currently, Zhang Xue suspicion of intentional assault Xicheng District Procuratorate be approving arrests.

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