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   <li>Hundred years old man drove 85 years without a ticket to a car accident (Photos) _</li>
   <li>Hundred years old man drove 85 years without a ticket to a car accident (Photos) _</li>
== some people pinch Iowa neck ==
Qianzhaihuanqian" word. A pair of dumb couple lived in the houses,moncler outlet, they have a healthy son Jiaoa Xian. Ah Yin borrow under external debt due to a violation of the law is sent to the labor camp "learning" dunning the painting then forced his father to pay back the money. Currently, A Yin relatives have alarm. Reporters yesterday afternoon to go to the scene saw this building houses have two floors, the door on the left side of the wall and floor brush that says the "XXX Qianzhaihuanqian words,アグ. Arong said,バーバリー, the house at the moment only one person in Iowa live. Noon yesterday,hollister outlet, he received a neighbors phone arrived, these "The Scarlet Letter" has long been on the brush. The painting by Chong Ah Yin debt owed from. See reporters visiting Iowa briefing active than the painted gesture. Arong "translation" Qianri Wan 11 pm,バーバリー 財布, two men and two women through the door switch pull bright lamp,UGG, Iowa to see the lights that went downstairs to open the door. The doors just opened, these people rushed in, some people pinch Iowa neck, and some people grab the only valuable TV. Arong said that he had received a dunning phone, asking him to 8000 dollars substituting Ah Yin,mercurial. Because there is not the ability to pay back the money, and they have tried not clear the debt of the reason they did not intend to also the money. Reporter To contact the debt collector by, to no avail. Lawyers move,hollister, dunning this practice, easily constitute honorary infringement. If the debt collector does grab the TV are likely to be liable for, once verified,abercrombie. The New Year is drawing near, the creditors must be legitimate in the debt collection means,ugg ブーツ.</p><p>
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  <li>and begin to improve price. Well</li>
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's ckent. Moreover

's ckent,ugg ブーツ. Moreover,abercrombie, in 1997 the court has judgment Humou divorce Komidori to to split the two property so the house would have to be returned should be returned to Komidori instead Humou,hollister outlet. The case is under further investigation,moncler.</p>


  • do show repentance
  • he quickly hit the steering wheel to the left
  • the Zhu avoid Linzhao his head cut by the knife

she also has a bad place

's Court in open court hearing took place in Ningbo Jiangbei Bridge Street, killing his wife and daughter Pianbao case. Previously, the Ningbo City People's Procuratorate of intentional murder, two counts of insurance fraud suspects Yumou prosecution. Yumou and victims Wan a lifetime both husband and wife, but also cousins. Two tantamount to a person, the court yesterday, more than 20 friends and relatives came from his home in Jiangxi, sit together to attend. Case flash back to the evening of February 3 this year, more than 7:00,air jordan pas cher, Ningbo police received the alarm, Jiangbei zhuangqiao Street accident a silver white Geely cars Zhuihe, three people were trapped inside the car the water. Quickly rushed to the scene of the traffic police, fire, rescue, cars hanging ashore after the front passenger seat of a mother and daughter have drowned, mother of 32-year-old child is just 2 years old. The woman's husband, the father of the child Yumou rescued,lancel. Yu Mou, 33 years old, Jiangxi Poyang man, in Nursery Road, Haishu the operating electrical repair shop for many years. He explained the cause of the accident, have a car drove through the front of a factory, and his car, the other light stab to his eyes, he wanted to hit the brakes and right direction of play, feeling the tire air gone, the direction of the play a little weight, The car ran into the side of the road into the river. Seemingly traffic accidents, but Jiangbei police through survey the scene, the post-mortem examination found numerous doubts: the right front tire of the vehicle burst, serious damage to the right front lights, vehicle tire skid marks on the ground, but can not find the vehicles involved in accidents are collisi *** with other vehicles on the road the traces,sac lancel; Yumou feeling car tires in the direction of play, no gas, no flat tire signs of tire marks left by the pavement; wife and daughter death but Yumou calm, more than 10 minutes after the accident, Yu Mou In addition to self-help, that is, using a mobile phone alarm did not take any measures to rescue his wife and daughter; incident just four hours to present its case to the insurance company, Yu Mou, filing a claim (in July last year, Yu Mou gave his wife and daughter to buy $ 50 million accident insurance); surveillance video of the section of the incident, the day before the incident Yumou has appeared in, and he had told the police that this section of road unfamiliar. February 15, Yu Mou after finishing a funeral in Jiangxi return to Ningbo again to accept the police investigation. The face of police thrown above doubt, Yu Mou psychological defense collapsed, to admit use traffic accident the illusion, killed his wife and daughter Pianbao. In addition, their extramarital affairs wife found is also one of the reas *** laid hands on him. (Newspaper has to make a series of reports) Why is the killing of his wife and daughter suspects Yu Mou said The three reas *** Yumou mother, gray-haired, frail, before the trial did not start, has been blankly toward the court side door, Yumou from there brought before it. 9:30, Yumou time be brought to court. Yumou stature is very thin, wearing a blue shirt and a gray-green pants. Come to see his son, I mother mouth twitching,burberry soldes, and could not help but stand up,abercrombie, sit down again others discourage. The face of the prosecution of intentional homicide, two allegati *** of insurance fraud,louboutin, countenance was calm Yumou, said "basically no objection, but details differ. Commit evil acts, Yu Mou said three reas *** . "First, last year I out lover, later wife know, she told a lot of relatives, I very much want to face, very strong, she was such a Lane, I lose face." Secondly, in fact, she also has a bad place, but I just told my mom about, unlike her around preaching, so was a little resentment want revenge. "Third, I worked hard in Ningbo for so many years, I feel a lot of pressure, like how efforts can not keep up the pace with the times, wanted to once and for all ..." Yu Mou said he did not want to murder his wife and daughter, and also did not want to cheat the insurance money just want to die with them. The prosecutor questioned Yumou: even to avenge his wife, why to bring her daughter Not want to Pianbao, why such a complex car Zhuihe way to die Since intend to once and for all, after the accident why immediately contacted the insurance company "Yumou Somewhat taken aback, replied: "I cheated on the wife said zhuangqiao Avenue in organized activities, kids to play, so to get the woman shouted to the child is an excuse ... I was pressure, how to die law, did not think too much. "thought too much, that first day how would go check out the location them to your wife, daughter, how can you 'did not think too much '" the face of a series of question Yumou incoherent up, prosecutor thrown a lot of problems with "too much pressure, brain blank", "I met for the first time such a thing, do not really know how to do" to answer. Yumou feel that they have voluntarily surrendered themselves before the Court should be given a lighter punishment, Yu Mou also think that they have surrendered to suspend criminal incident actively rescue his wife and daughter plot, should be given a lighter punishment. The Yumou return to Ningbo on February 15, he has volunteered with the Jiangbei police confessed crimes. In preparing the car into the river, he also produced through remorse, would have to fight the steering wheel to the right, after the hit and from the opposite direction, but it is already too late. When three people fell into the water trapped in the car after he tried to rescue poor helpless body to body, too cold river ultimately hopeless. The prosecutor believes that Yu Mou excuse can not be established. In this regard, the prosecution has come up with a large body of evidence. The Police Survey results show that Yumou stored in the arms with the car at that time, just crack the glass window of the driver's seat, own escape, his wife and daughter had no escape. Traces of vehicles fell into the water before traveling is a complete one, none of them change direction. The autopsy results show after the drowning of the Yumou his wife and daughter in the front passenger seat, sustained by tapping the window for help, and several attempts to open the door unsuccessful. Yumou relatives and friends of testimony confirmed Yumou childhood will swimming skills are good,moncler, while his wife and daughter did not know water. For surrendered to say, "the prosecutor said, was an accident Yumou after the incident has been lied to, back to Ningbo to accept the request by the police interrogation, rather than take the initiative to go. Said soon after the killing of his wife and daughter and lover call now restore single Yu Mou killed his wife and daughter, and his extramarital affairs are not unrelated to the trial, this relati *** hip is detailed disclosed. The Yu Mou lover surnamed Yao, Guizhou,louboutin pas cher. According to her confession to the police, she and Yumou met last year, when home air conditioning broken, to repair what Yumou understanding, the two leave each phone number, QQ number, frequent contact, then relati *** . Her to know Yumou the house, but to her Yumou good,air jordan, buy her a laptop, etc., and the two have been secret contacts. Is shocking the call records, and Yaomou the testimony, Yumou in just a few hours after the incident to contact the Yaomou. "He told me the car at home in the mountains, the car fell off and began to say nothing, and later said his wife gone, I comforted him. Later, he has told me that now he restore single, qualified to pursue I must take my happen, no matter ... then he any connection I mentioned, said her daughter also died ... "When the prosecutor read out the Yaomou during this testimony, Yumou look embarrassing. "The occurrence of such a big thing, I need a place to release the pressure." He explained dialogue. Issued by the families of the victims of three letters of understanding did not want to he was sentenced to the death penalty, "this is too sudden, like throwing a bomb." After the incident, Yu Mou brother had described it two families. Although Yumou kill a million a mother and daughter, but a million family eventually forgive Yumou behavior on them, a million loved ones, Yu Mou also the relatives. Little daughter, the eldest daughter if the father was sentenced to death, not to orphaned "Relatives said. In court, Yumou lawyers produced three letters of understanding issued by a mother, daughter and uncle to hope the Court of Yumou lighter punishment. Wan a family to give up the civil part of the claim. Although understanding of victims, but the prosecutor in the court stage of the debate, still think the Yumou crime is extremely serious. "After careful premeditation,hollister france, kill their loved ones, the crime with particular cruelty, the circumstances are particularly bad, with particularly serious c *** equences, should be severely punished by law! Any reason, you can become a reason to kill his wife and daughter!" Yumou lawyer for his defense: "the Yu Mou murder his wife and daughter and insurance fraud is a fact, but there is no causal relati *** hip between the two, insurance is bought in July last year, but the incident in February this year, the just Yumou afterthought also bought insurance before going to require the claims. Yumou to Pianbao murder, his subjective purpose or perish together. "final statement, Yu Mou said:" it is the curse of my own ancestry, and wife, I'm sorry, I'm sorry daughter, I'm sorry mother-in-law, I'm sorry for all friends and family, I would like to in the detention center a lot, as the prosecutor said, for whatever reason, are not reas *** for killing his wife and daughter! "the court is not in court for sentencing yesterday. After the end of the trial, the brother of Yumou first time out of the court, sitting outside the court is called on a little girl - she is Yumou a million eldest daughter. Uncle led the little girl together at the door the police escort Yumou, opened. But the vehicle opened outdated, windows rolled up, the little girl did not see my father.


  • the legs are a little sore
  • the news hit the papers
  • more than three but ultimately successfully passed written tests

a father-in-law so dutiful daughter-in-law

's birthday,hollister france. Some people say that the elderly have dementia, and simply forgot a birthday, do not strenuous. Xiebai Li said: the elderly forget, we can not forget you,mercurial. The villagers mention of Xiebai Li will revere endless. The 52-year-Xiebai Li earthy goodness, there was a warm and happy family - husband, honest and competent, despite the child young, Gongdie, sickly, but the couple Enenaiai happy laughter still, sometimes falling in the farm courtyard. Who would have thought a sudden a car accident in 1997, resulting in Xiebai Li's husband was killed, this wealthy family suddenly folded pillar imagine the hardships of life. The neighbors see Xiebai Li life's just too hard to have advised her to remarry. A woman has to take the kids really tough life,モンクレール, but she once remarried, that sick of Gongdie to this ye life. In desperation, Xiebai Li made a surprising decision: remarried can, but must take Gongdie together remarried,UGG. She almost harsh conditions, so many sister matchmaker prohibitive. Xiebai Li said: "If you remarry a future husband can not tolerate Gongdie, I'd rather not marry." In 1998,モンクレール ダウン, the neighboring village, simple and honest heard Jia liter Kui, Xiebai Li things,moncler, I thought: a father-in-law so dutiful daughter-in-law,ugg ブーツ, It must be a kind-hearted woman! The second year, the two received a marriage certificate, Xiebai Li with the father-in-law and the children moved into the home of Jia liter Kui. The daily, Xie Baili addition to cooking and cleaning, most of the time in the care of Gongdie. Two years ago, the old man suffering from dementia has become a problem, even to eat,moncler outlet, Xie Baili spoonful fed to him to eat, and wanted to go to the supermarket to buy Gongdie he likes to eat pie every twenty-three days, and she until now not even pie do not know what flavor. Gongdie older, sometimes defecate flow, and she was on hand to help in the next little by little pull. Her filial touched husband Jia liter Kui,hollister outlet, the elderly with dementia often forget the way home, carefully Jia liter Kui to do a small card installed in the old people's clothes in his pocket and write on their own phone numbers and addresses,アグ. Nonagenarians sometimes like a child-like tantrums Xiebai Li never complain, she said: "The the elderly youth to the children suffered a lot, although in recent years to take care of him very hard, but everyone has parents, who are old, all he has done, just do a daughter-in-law should do. "


  • are traffic hit and run
  • posing as personnel of state organs or false identity trickster
  • 'young-old' My dad just farmers

police control 11 Pingjiang Branch

's behavior has seriously disrupted the normal working order of the hospital,louboutin pas cher. Police to the scene preliminary investigation learned that Zhang is Subei, wife Lee Anhui, the scene involved in seek explanation from Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong,mulberry outlet uk, Zhang mustered relatives and friends, family and friends and to find others. mustered several layers down,air jordan, even to the people of the seven counties in three provinces. "disturbing public order, police control 11 Pingjiang Branch, in conjunction with the relevant departments of the Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau after receiving the alarm,hollister, the rapid mobilization of dozens of police rushed to The scene, on the one hand to maintain order at the scene, on the other hand persuade Zhang and others to stop acts disturbing public order, correct and reasonable way to resolve medical disputes demands,hollister france. Young Yun, Deputy Secretary, in the case of multiple persuasion invalid, the police yesterday morning to take coercive measures, taken away by Zhang and other 11 people pick the first cause trouble to the police station for review. "The overwhelming majority of the 11 people is more than 20-year-old youth, of which there are 90, basically unemployed social idlers." Young Yun introduced, in accordance with the provisions of Article 23 of the Public Security Administration Punishment Law " disrupt authorities, organizations, enterprises,burberry soldes, institutions order to enable the work,lancel, production, business, medical treatment,burberry, teaching, scientific research can not be normal, not yet caused serious losses,sac lancel, a warning or a fine of not more than 200 yuan. In a serious case,louboutin, at the 5th above the 10th detention, can impose a fine of five hundred. Express correspondent Mr Chan Jiang


  • 's mobile banking password
  • just on the first day
  • hollister france hollister france

students chest tightness

's Daily, December 9 (Reporter Pang leather flat Favorite Subjects in the Spring and Autumn Period) December 8, Guangxi Wuzhou Mayor Chau District Datangpo primary school a third grade student in the classroom play toys called "stink bomb" release hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen oxides are harmful gases, causing nausea and other symptoms, the class of 18 students was rushed to hospital for observation and treatment. Currently,hollister, students sent to hospital were discharged and have normal classes,abercrombie. According to Department of Education spokesman Li Qing first, Wuzhou municipal government attaches great importance to this incident, emergency meeting of the Security thematic sessions,mercurial, incident reporting counties (cities,moncler, districts), various schools and kindergartens, to strengthen such dangerous the investigation and management of sex toys; further strengthen safety education for students and discipline management, to avoid similar incidents; City,モンクレール ダウン, industry and commerce, public security departments of the ongoing investigation and handling,hollister, good campus perimeter security investigation and remediation,モンクレール, and earnestly safeguard the minors physical and mental health. It is understood that, in the morning of December 8, during the reading sessions, a third year student of the Wuzhou Datangpo Primary School in a drawer secretly kneading a name similar to soy milk bags "stink bomb" of toys, and intentionally pinch burst it odor,moncler outlet. Teacher discovered, immediately arrange for the students to open the windows and the front and rear doors ventilation, the Health criticism and education. During this time, students chest tightness,アグ, nausea and other symptoms start to appear, The teacher beams teachers, three teachers quickly evacuate the students in the class to the playground, while giving the symptoms of student drinking sugar water. 8:40, some students began vomiting, the school immediately organizational vehicles will appear dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms of the 18 students taken to hospital and arranged a number of teachers accompanied nursing students. At the same time, the school also reported to the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau dangerous children's toys,hollister outlet. Disease control departments Laboratory of Wuzhou City, triggering the student discomfort of gas hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen oxides are harmful gases, mild inhalation can lead to physical discomfort, inhalation of high concentrations of these two serious harmful gases that can cause death. Due to the measures taken in a timely manner, students symptoms are mild inhalation. By noon on the 9th, 18 students sent to hospital were discharged and have normal classes.


  • Lee transfer 150
  • I earned more than 100 million
  • Liu Yang can not be separated from the drug. Because only drugs all day


's Court on the 24th public hearing,abercrombie, the defendant had Jianfeng be made to maintain death sentence, and ruled that the death penalty in accordance with the law and submitted to the Supreme People's Court. Zeng Jianfeng unprovoked the suspected wife Zhan Moumou was having an affair,sac lancel, the implementation of the domestic violence often Zhan Moumou, Zhan Moumou unbearable. The two sides agreed to a divorce, Zhan Moumou temporary residence his brother Jim wide forest home,burberry. The morning of April 5, 2010, he Jianfeng portable carrying knives sneaked Chim wide Lin family, caused his death, and Zhan Moumou and a security guard stabbed continuous stabbed Zhan wide forest,moncler. Subsequent escape while Zeng Jianfeng robbery of a motorcycle, sneaked Fujian Medical University,mulberry outlet, the First Affiliated Hospital ward hijacked eight hostages to blackmail the police for their investigation of the so-called marriage a "third party",lancel. 12 am to noon, the police successfully rescued the hostages and the spot and arrested Zeng Jianfeng. Fuzhou City Intermediate People's Court,michael kors outlet, ruling in accordance with the law the defendant had Jianfeng guilty of intentional homicide, kidnapping, intentional injury,mulberry outlet uk, robbery,louboutin pas cher, combined punishment,air jordan pas cher, the merger decided to implement the death penalty, deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property. Zeng Jianfeng appealed his conviction, appeal and a provincial court hearing that the appellant Zeng Jianfeng murder means brutal murder after continuous crime, the circumstances are especially bad, great social harm, crime is extremely serious and should be severely punished according to law. Fujian Provincial High court to make a final ruling, rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict. (End)


  • Mai Doufu to speculation by the hype
  • in the common law system is called statutory rape
  • and stabbed the force is not too heavy

she said from the accident

's Procuratorate of Chuanying "dangerous method of the crime of endangering public safety" concern "drunken hit and run,louboutin pas cher, deputy director DING Hai wide prosecution to the court. DING Hai wide confession on the prosecution, had their own because of fear, only to brother-in-law would drop the charges. Four months later, the three deceased was killed also no funeral, the compensation issue has been resolved by negotiation. The lawyer said that the procuratorial organs "dangerous method of the crime of endangering public safety," the prosecution,moncler, this counts only low-level crimes against national security, is a very serious offense, DING Hai wide is likely to face the death penalty. The driver was afraid to affect future brother-in-law to drop the charges July 5 pm, Jilin City traffic police detachment received a report that the Hunchun Street and Taoyuan Road, near the intersection of a black car knocked down three people escape,abercrombie. The police on duty rushed to the scene investigation was informed that the vehicle was a taxi stopped in Longtan Bridge. Police vehicles and drivers back to the driver DING Hai wide refusing to acknowledge that they are the perpetrators, saying the brother-in-law Han Jigang is the perpetrators. Boat the camp traffic police brigade extensive investigation and evidence collection, identified DING Hai wide significant hit and run suspect, their criminal detention on July 5,hollister france. The next day, DING Hai wide they admit their drunk driving butt. July 14th,louboutin, DING Hai wide approved the arrest. DING Hai wide, the suspect confessed, said the public security organs is the brother-in-law to open the car, because they are too afraid. He said that his family is in rural areas, and if he had an accident, the house would be finished. He think of Longtan traffic police brigade surrendered results before the to surrendered location, let taxi drivers blocked. His brother called Han Jigang, said to be the brother-in-law of the accident want it to drop the charges, because the brother-in-law did not work,doudoune moncler, he fears impact of their work and the future. Hindsight he was wrong,michael kors outlet, and wanted to actively compensate some comfort to the families of the deceased. The driver of the procuratorial organs negative full responsibility for the accident by the medical identification concluded that the underlying cause of death of three people are traffic accidents,air jordan. So, DING Hai wide negative full responsibility for the accident, the responsibility of the three dead. The Chuanying People's Procuratorate that the defendant DING Hai wide project without the law of the land, drunken driving and speeding, caused three deaths, one person was lightly wounded, their behavior has violated the provisions of the relevant laws of the state, has constituted the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means. Then to prosecute suspects DING Hai wide,mulberry outlet uk, has been handed over to the People's Court. The family of the deceased the other party compensation of 450,000 yuan Subsequently, the reporter contacted one of the family members of the deceased Zhen Ms., she said from the accident, after several rounds of consultations with the driver of the vehicle family members, but has not been negotiated. They feel that the other side has no intention, every time negotiations are broke up. Now, they want the other side to have a positive attitude towards compensation. Also deceased are no funeral, they also want this matter as soon as possible processed. It was her understanding each other, and the other two negotiations, the families of the driver of the vehicle to a compensation of 450,000 yuan per person, but not yet finalized so also need to learn more about,burberry. The Law The driver may be sentenced to death Jilin night LLP lawyer Guo Shangyu said from hit and run accident, the suspect DING Hai wide knowingly drinking driving hazards, still allows such dangerous behavior, subjective existence of indirect intentional objectively caused by the fact that three people died on the spot. DING Hai wide crime constitutes the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means, this offense is imprisonment for a term of 10 years to the death penalty the traffic crime qualitative heaviest also sentenced to 15 years. Therefore, DING Hai wide future likely sentenced to death.


  • there are about seven or eight million people
  • and its shares are completely transferred to their younger brother WANG Huai
  • ' access management

's "United Daily News" reported

's "United Daily News" reported, "Students,abercrombie, this is a love seat." 70-year-old American Chinese surname Hu old man returned to Taiwan on vacation yesterday ride the bus to Taiwan Tsinghua University in Hsinchu "Zhengxing student seat, Zheng anti choking elderly man" Shut up (shut up)! "than the middle finger. The old man angry and cursed uneducated,lancel, old man punched Zheng huff, the two sides brought before the police station. Source: Southeast TV Channel tarde the surname Hu elderly man glasses went flying, left cheek was swollen,air jordan, constant nosebleeds, bloodstains on the clothes, sent to the emergency room of the Mackay Memorial Hospital, the initial diagnosis,sac lancel, cerebral hemorrhage, cheek contusion and fractures. His brother rushed to the hospital and snapped: "What is this society Elderly students to seat also playing really educational failure." Threatened to sue on the National Tsing Hua University. "Really ... Sorry." Attitude of remorse of Zhengxing students at the police station,mulberry outlet uk, he said to pay the price for doing wrong, whether elderly man to sue or punish schools, and are willing to accept. "But he has been pointing to my face and scolded, also vocally to my face." Zhengxing students supposed to ready to go to the train station, bus public cursing before angry batterer surname Hu old man pushed his shoulder. The two sides in the argument with the bus, the driver then drove the car to the neighboring police station. Love seat originally sat to the elderly, young people Rocker sitting on a foot "Old man named Hu immigrated to the United States 30 years, last month to return to Taiwan," Even I saw pregnant women should seat, not to mention the young people . " "I'm really sad," he said this month he ride the bus in Taiwan, have seen a lot of young people sitting in Pok Oi the seat "Zhuangshui", or turn a blind eye to his "gods" to see not in the past only to remind young people to seat. The surname Hu old man Yesterday, he read the doctors on the bus,air jordan pas cher, carrying a large bag,mulberry outlet, covered in sweat, the Zhengxing students sitting on the love seat to make way, but Zheng did so, reverse his middle finger, roared " Shut up! "," my 70-year-old,hollister france, for the seat, someone told me to shut up. "National Tsing Hua University instructors Cui Dongxing to the hospital to visit his surname Hu old man, named Hu old man trembling bruises lips said,moncler, the very young, also is playing in order to seat, "full of sorrow" students' emotional management problems. "said Cui Dongxing, the Zhengxing students seat, playing their elders," not on "how to, the school will be given the appropriate punishment. Yip Ming-chuen, National Tsing Hua University Vice-Chancellor of the students to re-education yesterday learned that students do not seat also beating behalf of the school to apologize to the injured elders, and said sadly, "the students to re-education, will sanction and strengthen counseling NTHU apology: . " The Foundation said that schools and families do not only teach children competition, care and the word will come in to whatever is going on. Yip Ming-chuen said, these smart kids since, as high character education is not necessarily high-re-education, but to the university have been too late, should put the character to lay complete secondary school; school mentor enlighten Zhengsheng. Hsinchu Branch, director of the Humanistic Education Foundation, said Lee Wai Ching, self-esteem injured children to attend good schools tend to know a lot of things,hollister, for example, clearly understand the love seat to seat, but the spirit of fraternity not into mind to go, and do not want to do, one is reminded feel like to be accused in public will not deal with the emotions, so immediately fell out, and even fists to drive as many people in a car accident, get off on the first audibles because they do not know how to empathy, do not know how to be considerate.


  • Off-road vehicles race out of control flew into the crowd of 9-year-old boy knocked skull
  • and shall be rejected. Was rejected
  • he encouraged the mother to find a job in China. Said Susan

10 points

's Lunar the first month of marriage do wine. Daughter-in-law two months pregnant, check to local Maternal and Child Health Hospital,burberry, doctors said the triplets, 4 months, 5 months, check,air jordan pas cher, doctors still say triplets, two months ago to 6 months, do B-doctor said four births. "I was good heart excited with ling came Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital,abercrombie, four births." To Liu outside Hong said, since the daughter-in-law is pregnant, she would do eat meals a day, every day,hollister france, guaranteed to give She added two eggs in the soil. Boss than the old four major five minutes, according to the hospital produced two Division Director Song Yulin, at 15:50 on the 22nd Xu maternal water breaks, 16:40 obstetric sent, the time of birth of four plush 17:52 17 hours 53 minutes, 17:55, 17:57, that is to say,louboutin pas cher, big hairy earlier than four hairy born five minutes,mulberry outlet. General multiple births are premature birth, quadruplets, barely 33 weeks,sac lancel. "Song Yulin four plush 10 points, 10 points, said the production is very smooth, but this can only be said to be smooth production, and post- The situation remains to be seen. The four plush hold neonatology, the doctor said one of the hairy situation is not very good, suspected congenital heart disease until Reporter press time, still observing rescue. Why will once students so much, not eating multiple sub-pill "legendary" In this regard, Liu said outside Hong never heard of,burberry soldes. Song Yulin Director briefed reporters, after repeated inquiries, the maternal MartinaChen I said no taking "more children pill, pregnant naturally,hollister. Song Yulin said that their hospital from the establishment of the hospital and now this is the first encounter four births,louboutin, leaving her to feel gratified that the production process is very smooth. ■ reporter Zhang Chunxiang correspondent Yu Yang


  • there are two "home Fangzei" guide books. They say
  • the three children of the elderly do not agree
  • each having a diameter of 500 millimeters

about 9 o'clock in the evening

's motorcycle turn to more than two meters deep ditch, the ditch beside the villagers stopped subsequent to three teachers, 3 people but has fled the scene on a motorcycle. The son was killed in the rivers, the daughter-in-law rescued villagers help. After the death of the son, daughter-in-law also was seriously injured and spent tens of thousands of dollars of medical expenses in the hospital, due to financial difficulties, he repeatedly found to reflect the situation of New Street Middle School, the City Board of Education, Bureau for Letters and Calls, requests the Wangqi Yue and other four teachers investigate and deal with, has been heard from since. "Judicial mediation did not result, the other penny reluctant to compensation, combined with cross seven application, the Department of Education are not any reply, the daughter then committed suicide by taking poison." Liushi Tang crying introduced,abercrombie, October 23, 0900 , he and his wife took the size of one-year-old grandson to the hospital for an injection, 2 pm to return home, the daughter-in-law lying in bed already dead, stood next to a loading empty bottles of dichlorvos, pillow stood their wedding photos. "No drinks upon teachers to save people from the ditch they couple two man kind to get along with colleagues around well, the school is not anyone will go over them,モンクレール." To New Street Middle School in Chuxiong City General Director Wang Qiyue Liu Dengguo turned out to be a vice president of the school,ugg ブーツ, likes to drink, transferred to a school Dongxing Middle School three years ago, and his wife Ang Lee spent still in school when teachers, teaches junior high math,mercurial. At 14:30 on the July 6th Xu, Liu Dengguo and Ang Lee spent eating the same village with relatives birthday wedding to his house to play, and phone solicitation Several other teachers to play together. Dinner,バーバリー 財布, we drink together, five individuals, each drank a paper cup of gin, Liu Dengguo proposed drink bottle, his wife, Ang Lee spent to put an immediate end. Drinking alcohol, Liu Dengguo launch a motorcycle, even the helmet did not wear left singing. While several other teachers,バーバリー. I did not expect a little while, they received a phone Liu Dengguo accident. With participation in drinking Xu zero rating teacher said, about 9 o'clock in the evening, his bike after the site of the incident when I saw a villager carrying a flashlight looking Mizobe, said a motorcycle fell into a ditch inside . He immediately took the flashlight to carefully look after, only to find Liu Dengguo and Ang Lee spent lying in a ditch inside,UGG, shouting when no reply, he jumped the ditch inside to, touched Liu Dengguo nostrils, no longer breathing. Ang Lee spent "Well," a cry, and the help of two local villagers, he and another teacher Ang Lee spent carried to the edge of the road and call 120,110 alarm. Liu Dengguo after she died, Ang Lee flowers were sent to hospital for treatment. "In this accident, we are not at fault and responsibility, from a moral and compassionate point of view, we are willing to rescue them an ability to do their own, but their asking price is too high, we are required to compensate more than 100 million, which we simply can not accept. "Finally, several teachers have declared that. Compensation for the dead "from the moral point of view" from sympathy and moral point of view, we can do several other teachers, let them give the economy the help of the family of the deceased, but we have to put a few teachers from the school expelled is absolutely impossible. "Chuxiong City Board of Education's Juju Chang said, in accordance with the provisions of the education authorities, during the teaching, teachers are not allowed to drink, after drinking is also not allowed to enter the classroom. Otherwise, teachers be drinking a harsh punishment. Since the incident took place during the summer, several teachers Meet to drink it is normal to eat things, there is no violation of the relevant provisions. After the event, members of the team in New Street Middle School first come up with 10,000 yuan,モンクレール ダウン, the school then come up with 10,000 yuan, where the active Ang Lee spent. Secondary school teacher in New Street donated 5,000 yuan, Dongxing Middle School twice donations nearly million,moncler outlet, the Department of Education unions also gave $ 2,000 condolence payments,hollister, Ang Lee spent the money is used for medical treatment. "May be due to a car accident disfigured and Claus repeatedly petition, gave her a lot of psychological pressure increased, leading to her suicide by taking poison." Juju Chang said analysis of Ang Lee spent the reasons for suicide, teeth out finished, the facial disfigurement up to 60% , plus also owed several million medical expenses. Recently, the local public security departments identified out: Liu Dengguo death due to drunken driving, and assume full responsibility for the accident. Ang Lee flower department committed suicide by taking poison. The high compensation due to the family of the deceased, the local judicial coordination unsuccessful, it is recommended to take the judicial process. Tin Tin (Yunnan Information News)


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very naughty

'clock yesterday morning, boys as young as 15-year-old Chen Kai from the cut throat after being sent to the Second People's Hospital of Hefei rescue. Before the cut-throat incident, he has also attempted armed with a knife hijacked a female neighbor. After more than an hour in the hospital emergency rescue, Chen Kai is temporarily out of danger. A very young age, why did he have this extreme behavior Currently,ugg ブーツ, is still a big question mark in the hearts of their families and teachers. Cutthroat ago trying to hijack neighbors Reporters learned that the incident Mingguang Road, Hefei,abercrombie, Jinyi home district, yesterday 9:30 Xu, Chen holding a knife tried to hijack an proprietress of the same building in the corridor, which After the name of women business owners break free, Chen went to the third floor of their own home. This was almost hijacked the proprietress told reporters Chen to take a knife to her neck, while saying: "Do not call, I will not hurt you", while pushing her wildly upstairs. Women business owners in this struggling,モンクレール, and eventually was able to escape. Women business owners call 110, the police immediately rushed to knock on the door a long time in small Chen, he open the door. Witness: "He was already cut-throat, a blood came out, has also been muttering 'I'm dying, I'm dying.' Then, we put sent him to the hospital." Father and his Cold War more than a month Reporters rushed to Hefei Second Hospital yesterday 11:10 Xu, Chen has been sent to the operating room,アグ, his father, Master Chen stiff sat in the chair next to the operating room. "My son on the third day, the child poorly in school all day to think of the Internet, I do not know that criticized him how many times, but have no effect, they simply refuse to talk to him, we probably The Cold War has been more than a month time. "Master Chen mentioned son,moncler outlet, could not help shaking his head. As for Chen Cutthroat, Master Chen said he did not know, "I work out, or a doctor call me to come, before what happened, I do not know." Rescue Chen entire process lasted Approximately 70 minutes. In the meantime, Master Chen seems relatively calm. Parents communicate less Grandpa spoiled Chen class where the teacher Yuan teacher, told this reporter: "his home is not in Hefei, child childhood with my grandfather grew up in Hefei, until graduating from elementary school, the parents came to Hefei to do business. Weariness kids , very naughty, bold, seventh grade class, several students had to go hand in hand to the field of play. "Yuan Laoshi introduced, Chen temper some stubborn adolescent rebellion, there may be with his grandfather spoiled, "as long as one goes wrong, he will go to my grandparents' home while the grandfather almost responsive to his request." Yuan Laoshi analysis, Chen parents business busy, lack of communication and kids, kids are prone to one embarked extreme. Shaopian point may be dead, according to informed sources,hollister, Chen was taken to the emergency room,モンクレール ダウン, the doctor had asked him whether his cuts, Chen nodded. Hefei Second Hospital a doctor responsible for the treatment of Chen specific matter: "If the location of the cut and then slightly off a little bit, he would have been dead,moncler. Currently, he has no life-threatening, but also need to be hospitalized for observation,バーバリー 財布." reason, yesterday, the Public Security Bureau of Hefei City Victory Road police station, a staff member said, they inconvenience disclosure for the protection of minors,mercurial. Trainee newspaper reporter (text characters are not his real name) Zhu Pei Yan Wang Qing Cui / text newspaper reporter Liu before / Figure


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the wife of the original unit bankruptcy with no income

's application materials in an "eat low" in the application of raw materials, the husband claiming units supernumerary staff, and only paid 300 yuan per month living expenses, the wife of the original unit bankruptcy with no income, the son graduated from college at home review prepare for graduate school, a family of three with $ 300 to get by. In early October 2009, and reported to the community council, and in November of the same year, according to the relevant regulations of the State, these three homes begin to enjoy the minimum living guarantee for urban residents. Urban minimum living security system to protect the objects below the local minimum living standard of urban residents per capita household income on Xi'an in terms of the minimum living standard of 349 yuan per capita income. However, a strange occurrence in the eastern outskirts of Xi'an Baqiao District Red Flag the Subdistrict Union Community: at least a month income of 3,000 urban households enjoying minimal needs treatment. Residents reported a monthly income of over 3,000 yuan also eat low on April 7, reflect the the Baqiao district public Jeong said: that he is the the Union Community Banpo neighborhood committees and residents, with the residents of a community Chen this not qualified "to eat subsistence allowances ", but starting in the second half of last year, people eat on,abercrombie. "Like him can eat (subsistence allowances), why not " Jeong said irate resident Chen family original application materials have seen, Chen lied supernumerary employees of the unit, each took only 300 yuan a month wages, but he obviously is a formal workers, the monthly income of 2,000 yuan of money, not to speak of his wife and son to find a job. Chen and his wife, the son of a family of three monthly income of at least 3,000 yuan, not in line with national to eat guaranteeing that "qualification. Found in a subsequent investigation by the reporter, the Baqiao red flag the Subdistrict, Union community and Banpo neighborhood committees and other units and departments, indeed receiving this Report, and the Report of Chen family of three is indeed enjoying urban residents' minimum living allowance. The investigation by the reporter husband monthly wages to get their "tax" in Xi'an Textile Park employees were almost all recognize Chen, "He is our unit's official trade union, worked for almost 30 years, friends, very good." Xi'an Director of the Office of the Textile Park MING - a clear reply, Chen is the formal in preparing workers, is a member of the Park guard group. The unit is the difference between sexual and institutions, wages in two parts, the part of the government financial subsidies, Park market operators to earn some,moncler. Chen monthly income of 2,000 yuan, the reporter found that the wages of workers in the table of the units issued. Which, in March this year, wages (including salary, pay scale, regional subsidies number) should be sent an amount of 2,206 yuan, but the actual payment of wages deducted to pay personal income tax, and other housing costs,air jordan pas cher, utilities, 1837.67 yuan. "The salary is paid from the government budget, which is not pay for performance." Said the unit staff, market operations, sometimes, good economic returns, but also issued a number of hundred dollars pay for performance. Table of wages paid by the unit in April this year, Chen should be sent 2206 yuan, after deducting pay personal income tax, real hair hand salary is 1809.57 yuan. Consecutive months, one of his wages in at least 1,doudoune moncler,800 yuan, not too into the pay for performance. Intriguing written application materials and facts from April 8, the reporter on the matter to Baqiao District Red Flag Subdistrict, Union Community, Banpo neighborhood and Xi'an Textile Park units interview survey. The fact is: the end of September 2009, Chen's wife, Wang to the Union community leaders to write a written application, after the community's neighborhood committee of democratic appraisal, written material escalation from November of that year, a 49-year-old Wang Chen and his son 50-year-old husband, three House enjoying 200 yuan per household per month, the minimum living allowance. Wang written application materials for their laid-off work and son unemployed, the case statement is basically true, but differ significantly from the description with the facts of the case for her husband: "lover Chen, male, aged 50 textile parks employees, units with poor performance, overstaffing waiting list at home, only to three hundred yuan a month living expenses. suffering from years of low back pain disease, they can not be engaged in the work of the second job, and no other income. "In addition," written application materials, archives, two proof materials: the community's neighborhood committee proof of democratic appraisal and Chen unit where "proof." Which the Union community neighborhood committee of democratic appraisal that is: posting publicity by my community, neighborhood committees, neighborhood visited the household survey, October 2, 2009, my community held a democratic council agreed, Wang enjoy the minimal the proof described applicant Chen supernumerary staff of the unit, the monthly issued only 300 yuan living expenses ". The fact is,hollister france, he also admitted that his wife Wang's son graduated from college recently found work in addition to at least 1800 yuan monthly wage of Chen personal, at least $ 600 a month for two people, son, sometimes a month to get thousands of yuan. In this way,burberry, his three homes at least once a month income of 3,000 yuan or more. Then, according to the country and the relevant provisions of the Province and Xi'an, they are obviously not the object of urban residents entitled to relief, but it became "eat minimal assurance" object. More important reason is that from where the material is a very important "proof". However, survey depth interview with the reporter, the "proof" was more intriguing. Unit position we did in the above proof material key official seal in front of this "prove" is handwritten in a red letterhead, the content is as follows: IS HEREBY Chen, my unit is overstaffed waiting list staff, so the monthly issued only 300 yuan for living expenses, I hereby certify that,hollister. Proved inscribed signature was the the Xi'an Textile Park, and stamped with the red seal of Xi'an Textile Park office ". April 9, this proved textile park in Xi'an, the official said, they foreign official seal is the the Xi'an Textile Park, the internal general use "office" chop, workers Chen apply for subsistence allowances, should obviously use a foreign official seal; In addition, careful to distinguish the official seal on the application materials, not in recent years has been to use the official seal of the unit office. "Anyway, our office did not give him proof material overshadowed chapter, we seal has strict rules must be registered." The relevant person in charge of the unit said, As for Chen, application materials on the official seal where they is not known, however, their home life is really difficult,doudoune moncler, and now a three still live in the unit more than 20 square meters of public room. "reporter found that indeed the case. Chen admitted in 2007 that he had requested time guaranteeing that, when renting outside, son, just on the University of laid-off wife, son, four years of undergraduate spent nearly 80,000 yuan. Later, some reflect his eating subsistence allowances things, give their own suspended above,michael kors outlet. Apply for up community cadres who came to verification before, when he and his wife, son outside renters. Application materials to his wife Wang to do the above to Zhashui of and where to cover the official seal, are unclear, have turned around and asked. "I've watched my son grow up talking about married now live for even a child." Chen said sadly, life stress, he wages is indeed difficult to maintain the family. In June last year, he and his wife bite to borrow money for the down payment Ba River Development Zone near 50000 to buy more than 20 million of the total price of a set of more than 80 square meters of affordable housing, monthly repayment will be 1800 yuan. His wife and son to go out to work, only six or seven hundred dollars per person per month. "This thing, let me say it inappropriate are acquaintance to help ..." Chen said. Heard someone reflect its own is not enough, he did not know all the valid conditions, but is willing to accept the investigation and handling of this matter. (Postscript: reporter interviewed during the Baqiao District Red Flag Subdistrict this very great importance, and sent people to investigate the matter. According to Red Flag Jieban as insurance director Zouguang Yin said, after their investigation, the Chen family of three is not enough guaranteeing conditions. " guaranteeing that management is dynamic, not static. "red flag Subdistrict official said that at present, the Red Flag Jieban as insurance have ceased operation Chen family to enjoy the minimal treatment,air jordan, reported to the district government departments to revoke its minimal needs qualification.) newspaper Reporter Cheng Bin


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some people pinch Iowa neck

Qianzhaihuanqian" word. A pair of dumb couple lived in the houses,moncler outlet, they have a healthy son Jiaoa Xian. Ah Yin borrow under external debt due to a violation of the law is sent to the labor camp "learning" dunning the painting then forced his father to pay back the money. Currently, A Yin relatives have alarm. Reporters yesterday afternoon to go to the scene saw this building houses have two floors, the door on the left side of the wall and floor brush that says the "XXX Qianzhaihuanqian words,アグ. Arong said,バーバリー, the house at the moment only one person in Iowa live. Noon yesterday,hollister outlet, he received a neighbors phone arrived, these "The Scarlet Letter" has long been on the brush. The painting by Chong Ah Yin debt owed from. See reporters visiting Iowa briefing active than the painted gesture. Arong "translation" Qianri Wan 11 pm,バーバリー 財布, two men and two women through the door switch pull bright lamp,UGG, Iowa to see the lights that went downstairs to open the door. The doors just opened, these people rushed in, some people pinch Iowa neck, and some people grab the only valuable TV. Arong said that he had received a dunning phone, asking him to 8000 dollars substituting Ah Yin,mercurial. Because there is not the ability to pay back the money, and they have tried not clear the debt of the reason they did not intend to also the money. Reporter To contact the debt collector by, to no avail. Lawyers move,hollister, dunning this practice, easily constitute honorary infringement. If the debt collector does grab the TV are likely to be liable for, once verified,abercrombie. The New Year is drawing near, the creditors must be legitimate in the debt collection means,ugg ブーツ.


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